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We are a management consulting company that specialises in providing business in both public and private sectors.

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  •   Boutique management consultancy
  •   100% black female-owned company
  •   Level 1 BEE contributor status
  •   Offices in Johannesburg, Dar es Salaam and Hamburg
  •   Team comprises seasoned personnel who have worked at the highest level

What does it mean to have a clock that’s accurate to within two 10 million billionths of a second? Well, the atomic clock at the National Physical Laboratory near London - which is regarded as the most accurate long-term timekeeper in the world - would take more than 100 million years to lose or gain a single second.

The point of all this bewildering precision?

Ask yourself this: if someone were dealing with vital issues concerning the well-being of your organisation, would a near-as-damn-it attitude prevail? Would a generic business model suffice?

At Evolut, exactness, precision and accuracy are non-negotiable matters that are germane to the bespoke solutions we provide.

In fact, we think in terms of nothing less than 100% meticulousness in our approach to corporate strategy; nothing less than 100% accuracy identifying competitive advantages; and nothing less than 100% precision in how we plan and pave a more expedient way forward in the strategic transformation of your organisation.

As a boutique management consultancy adept in creating bespoke solutions, the one aspect of Evolut that sets us apart is the fact that our consultants are all seasoned individuals.

Of those who will play a significant role in the dealings we may have with your organisation, you’ll not find anyone with the slightest hint of dampness behind their ears.

In fact, our consultants have distinguished themselves in some of the largest organisations in the country, and throughout the world, across a wide spectrum of industries.

So they are better equipped to understand the issues you face; more adroit at guiding you around the pitfalls; and more accomplished in helping you to provide the leadership that will see you through the challenges.

In fact, quite a few are ex-CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and PhDs who enable organisations like yours to drive even the most complex change programmes to successful conclusions.

Our way of conducting business has, over the years, helped create close and lasting relationships with the majority of our clients.

Based on trust, our leading-edge advisory services have resulted in streamlined efficiencies and concrete gains to our clients’ bottom line.

Driving this level of service is a set of VALUES that clearly define the Evolut experience:

Excellence: We only recruit the most qualified and accomplished individuals who have distinguished themselves in the highest leadership positions in their chosen fields of expertise.

Teamwork: In our experience, the more inclusive the relationship with our clients’ team, the better the outcomes. This is what we actively encourage with all new clients.

Authenticity: We are in the business of providing business advice. So everything we do is based on data analysis that’s intensely scrutinised so as to provide realistic and reliable outcomes.

Objectivity: A good part of our working relationships with our clients is reliant on our independence, which assures our objectivity. Also, we believe in ‘telling it like it is’, so we never shy away from robust discussions in order to achieve desirable outcomes based on facts.

Evolut is a 100% Black and female-owned company, with a level 1 BEE contributor status. It is also a management consultancy that’s living its own well-defined growth strategy.

Bucking the trend of foreign-owned companies establishing offices in South Africa, Evolut has established its first overseas office in Hamburg, Germany.

This office will bolster our offerings and expertise in the fields of transport (including maritime, aviation, road and rail), logistics, utilities as well as telecoms and ICT.

It also serves as a gateway for European companies seeking financial and transactional advisory services before venturing into African markets, fulfilling a unique and critical gap in the European markets.

Our Leadership
South Africa

  • Lehotlo Ramokgopa

    Managing Director

    Over eighteen years’ professional experience gained in the Mining, Management Consultancy and Financial Services sectors. She has vast experience in the Management Consulting Sector (covering a range of business sectors including government and utilities) as well as in the industrial and financial services sectors.

    She has led high-level multi-disciplinary consulting teams at consulting companies such as Accenture and KPMG and has helped many of her clients achieve great success in development and implementation of their business strategies. Her core skills are in: Information Technology, Strategy, Project and Programme Management, Small Business Development, Financial Services and B-BBEE.
  • Lusanda Kgakololo

    Strategy Lead

    Has demonstrated proficiency in project management, issue analysis, project design and implementation with clients. Specialist experience in a wide variety of sectors, including banking, aviation, transport as well as broadcasting. Lusanda has developed in leadership and management, project delivery, change management and senior executive engagement as well as interaction skills.

    Lusanda’s core skills are in Strategy, General Management and Project Management. She has developed key skills in the Telecoms, Broadcasting and Entertainment industries and has serviced clients in the Communications sector in the country (both public and private sector).

  • Motlatsi Nzeku

    Senior Partner and IT Advisory Subject Matter Expert

    Is well known in the Information Technology and Telecoms sector as one of the foremost experts in these areas. Has done work in the industry on various aspects of policy development, implementation, privatisation, telecoms operations and effectiveness, telecoms business model development, telecoms competition and market development, regulatory, retail and wholesale markets management, project development & management, broadband products & market development, growth and strategic direction setting.

    Very knowledgeable about South African ICT services, broadband, voice, data and mobile business models, government’s policies regarding the industry as well as the interfaces between various aspects of the Communications portfolio. Core skills in IT, Telecommunications, Public Sector, Operations, General Management as well as Project Management.

  • Sello Motau

    Project Finance and Advisory

    Possesses over 18 years’ professional experience. Has worked in both Public and Private Sector, including the role of Head: Treasury Compliance at Eskom. Has managed many capital-raising projects for clients in the Mining and Telecoms sectors.

    Managed Audit programmes for big entities such as the PIC, ICA (part of AfDB) and DBSA treasury; advisory services to majors Transnet, PetroSA and SAA and the Absa Group. Core skills in Debt Restructuring, Financial Risk Management, Financial Reporting, Unwinding of Structured Financial Products and Treasury Accounting.


  • Sven Stohn

    Managing Director

    Over 20 years working experience. Has worked in the Aviation Sector for most of his professional life, in areas such as Airport management, Airport services (set up of companies – security, terminal services, parking etc). Was CEO and Founder of the bagport group with subsidiaries in U.K., Sweden, U.S.A., Germany and South Africa for a period of 8 years.

    Has performed consulting engagements for the Maritime Competence Center in Hamburg, Germany for over 12 years. Worked in the United States at Newark Int'l airport managing Airport Services for Airport Carts in New York. Became CEO of Civas Deutschland GmbH, a Fraport AG – Frankfurt Int’l Airport enterprise, where he was responsible for creating airport service companies in Germany and abroad.

    Sven’s core skills are in Transport (Aviation and Maritime), Airports, International Airport regulations, Transport Security, Training, Organisational Development and Human Resources.

  • Heiko Ralfs

    Senior Consultant and Subject Matter Expert

    Has over 18 years’ practical experience in Management Consulting. Qualifications include a degree in Business Administration as well as a qualification in Banking. As part of his consulting engagements, Heiko has concluded successful projects for clients such as Deutsche Telekom AG; O2; E-Plus; Nokia Siemens Networks; and ProSiebenSat.1.

    He is recognised widely in Germany as an expert in Supply Chain, Transformation, Change Management as well as Leadership coaching. Heiko’s core skills are in Telecommunications, Supply Chain, Broadcasting, and Energy. Heiko’s sector experience is in Telecommunication, Mobile, Media, Online Start-ups, Financial Services and Information Technology.

  • Svenja Steffens

    Senior Consultant and Subject Matter Expert

    Over 18 years of working experience. Has worked mainly in the media and publishing industry where she managed recruiting processes and development of specialised personnel for Axel Springer AG, one of the largest publishing houses in Europe.

    Responsible HR Manager for the bagport Group overseeing its 400 employees on three continents including the development of employment procedures and standards. Worked as Project Lead in HR recruitment and training for some of Germany's largest port facility operators including HHLA, BUSS Group, GHB and Eurogate.

    Svenja's core skills are in Human Resource Development and Project Management.

  • Markus Schopen

    He has more than 17 years working experience, thereof 15 years in accounting and controlling of the German DAX listed Bayer Group. He restructured several international finance projects and became Global Business Partner for the Healthcare Subgroup.

    Schopen acted as Chief Financial Officer for Bayer International in Switzerland and Head of Controlling for the Bayer Schering Pharma AG. He joined the Evolut management team in Hamburg after working for two years as real estate investment principal.

    Markus has strong experience in all matters of controlling, finance and auditing as well as in implementing finance restructuring measures and post-merger-integration. Markus holds a Master in Industrial Engineering.


  • Eng George Kilapilo

    Managing Director

    Has an MSc in Computer Engineering degree from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. 16 years’ working experience in planning, coordinating, and implementation of ICT and Engineering projects funded by local government, donors and private companies. Working experience in managing local and international vendors, especially in pre-paid and post-paid systems (Vouchers, LUKU and HiAffinity), telecommunications and mobile networks architecture, ERP and HR Systems. Working experience in Management Information Systems, which are used for Data Mining, Data Processing and Reports Distribution.

    Excellent knowledge in managing customers’ information (CRM), especially in critical systems that require privacy and security. Skilled in design, plan and implementation of LAN/WAN infrastructure, enhancement and re-engineering the systems to meet companies’ core businesses demand. Working experience on budget planning and execution, managing and negotiating with suppliers, business partners and developing workable SLA’s Contracts in order to protect companies’ interests and core businesses. Core skills in ICT, Radar Systems, Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Media.

  • Mr Aidan Bondo


Our Partners

  • Putz & Partner
    Strategy and Business Transformation

    As part of our commitment to Information Technology and Telecommunications capacity and capability building, we have partnered with two companies – SBR-NET, Dusseldorf and Austria as well as Putz und Partner in Hamburg (www.PutzundPartner.de).

    Putz Und Partner was established in 1989 and has since provided advisory solutions in many sectors including Energy, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, etc.

  • SBR-net Consulting AG
    Telecommunications Regulatory Consulting

    SBR-net Consulting AG (www.sbr-net.com) offers sound business, technical, regulatory and legal advice in regulated markets for network industry sectors such as Telecommunications, Postal Services, Electricity, Gas, Railways and IT with their offices in Düsseldorf, Germany and Vienna, Austria. SBR-net has a specific focus on Telecommunications, e.g. Mobile Communications, Fixed Networks, Internet, Broadcast, Media, ICT, Broadband and Spectrum, and through their affiliated company, SBR Rechtsanwälte (Attorneys-at-law) SBR-net Consulting is able to offer integrated consultancy services on strategic, economic, technical and legal questions. This has brought the company into a prominent position compared to other players in the market.

    Their clients include regulators in many countries. SBR-Net has also provided Telecommunications Regulatory Advisory for over 30 operators all over the world, including the ITU.

  • Aviation

    Aviation and Aircraft Assets GmbH (AAA) enables us to provide leading-edge services to South African clients. Due to the demanding aviation market in managing aircraft assets and support of aircraft technical issues, AAA has created aviation-specific solutions, which provide full scope support to the three main parties of the civil aviation industry. The AAA solutions are targeted to aircraft financiers, lessors, other asset managers and operators themselves.

    Practice in the aviation industry has proven that wide range services packages are an advantage for more efficiency (quality, time and cost) than partial services done through different service providers. Thus AAA focuses on a wide range of services to accommodate whatever demand is arising from the aviation industry.

  • ma-co
    Maritime Competency Centre

    The ma-co maritime competenzcentrum is a supraregional educational provider for maritime shipping, seaport and warehouse logistics. It was founded with the goal to establish uniform qualification standards in Germany. ma-co offers seminars and practice-oriented courses on the following topics: Seaport and Transshipment, Logistics, Maritime Shipping, Dangerous Goods, IT (E Learning and Computer Seminars), Leadership & Communication and Safety & Security.

    The ma-co consultants are experienced experts, who will foster and challenge the participants by providing practice-oriented knowledge transfer and choosing appropriate teaching methods. Their customers include shipping companies, shipyards and offshore-area companies; as well as seaport and transshipment companies, distribution centers and container freight stations. By collaborating with, among others, the Federal Agency for Marine Navigation and Hydrographic, the Professional Association for Naval Insurance and Safety, and the Water Police, the qualification process is constantly updated with innovations and practical experience.

our services

Business Strategy
Business Transformation

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ICT Consulting

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Financial & Transaction Advisory

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B-BBEE Advisory

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Small Business Development

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Healthcare Consulting & Products

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HR and Organisational Development

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sector specialisation

Our areas of focus. Our areas of operation


Even when a project reaches completion, our bespoke models – based on your specific requirements – provide you with a platform for continued business performance and long-term success.


Integral to our methodology is the sharing of skills with your staff so as to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the successful conclusion of our consultation process. In fact, we provide innovative and comprehensive in-house skills transfer comprising mentorship programmes, coaching and on-the- job-training, which will deliver enhanced learning that bolsters enthusiasm levels and knowledge retention.


Evolut functions through a network of seasoned specialists, who bring to bear a level of expertise and experience that is second to none, across a wide variety of industry sectors. We ensure that these individuals are not only of the highest calibre, but are also responsive to your specific needs through close collaboration with your core team.

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